Our Drive Sealing formula is based on a thermo plastic acryllic, copolymer resin blend for excellent weather resistance and durability.      

  • Driveway Sealing Prevents oil stains and reduces the possibility of algae growth from the sap of trees and shrubs.
  • Eliminates weeds in joints by reducing water penertration which feeds the roots.
  • Reduces the possibility of insect infestation and reduces color fade by cutting down the transmission of UV light.
  • Protects by bonding joints, easily cleaned and is soap and detergent resistant.

WEED CONTROL  (Recommended)

  • Wash'a'Drive also offer a one off or regular maintenance for you Block Paved Driveway or Patio. We can treat your Blockpaving/Patio after Cleaning to keep it looking Weed Free for longer

  • Regular maintenance for our Weed Control is ideally every 3 months.


  • Wash'a'Drive offer a Oil Removal service, there is no additional cost for this service  other then the price of the remover.

(Weed Control and Sealant are chargeable.)

 Power-washing will not always remove all stains, oil often needs to be removed with a special oil-cleaning compound, and rust can prove impossible to clean. An outdoor mains water supply is required, power-washing will also not undo the effects of ultra violet fading of the dyes used in coloured concrete manufacture, but it will make the most of what colour remains, by removing dirt, and surface vegetation, hence releasing the natural splendour of the paving beneath.


Services we offer, Driveway Cleaning, (Blockpaved, Tarmacadam, & Imprinted Concrete), Patios, Decking, Walls, Slabs, Fencing, Paths, Driveway Sealing, and any other Exterior Hard Surfaces.